Sunday, 12 September 2010

Nothing To Do

I'm a somewhat heavy gamer, (I'm not fat, I just play games a lot! :P) and this is one of the most boring times in my life;
I'm stuck in that phase where I've managed to complete/overplay every last one of my new/good games at the same time, going onto one after I complete another, and have had nothing fun to do for a few weeks now...
Minecraft's multiplayer is still somewhat unplayable, every part of L4D2 is too predictable, the website for Happy Wheels is down, none of my friends play Alien Swarm any more, my dad took the PS3 back home with him, and to top it all off I have to wait until at least September 30th before HAWX2 is released on steam...('Pre-purchase' my ASS! Even if Ubisoft is to blame...)
I'm going on holiday to Turkey on the 25th, but I'll probably die of boredom before then...
I'm so BORED! :(


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