Friday, 10 September 2010

Blind Police

Starting college Wednesday, had to go there today to see what it was like. We got let out an hour before my mom said she'd pick me up, so I had to walk for 30 minutes or so 'til I got to my dad's house. Was stuck there for 5 hours or so waiting for him to get back from the pub, which ended up in me having to break a promise I made to a friend since I was so late (I feel bad for that now :c). For obvious reasons, i'm not going to say whether my dad was legally allowed to be driving at the time, but I will say he ended up wheel-spinning away at the traffic lights, passing a police car in-front of us at well over 50-mph, who thankfully didn't seem to care... O_O
Fun day I guess...Still, I'm here blogging at 2:28am and have no intention of sleeping tonight either...


  1. love to my bro ;)

  2. Haha funny police loool.

    Supporting u daily i hope u will to.

  3. I am waiting for ur now posts.