Wednesday, 22 September 2010

No u

I have a crap-ton of free time at college, and am only expected to attend one full day per week - I have no sessions with anything in the other days, so I get to go home early, or come in late; i'm only supposed to be there for just over an hour on Thursdays!

Also, I checked some statistics from my blog, it seems that NONE of you who said they'd do their daily rounds have actually done so, not a single one in the past week. I haven't missed a single 'daily' for any of you so-called supporters, but maybe I will since nobody else seems to want to anyway. Your failure, your loss.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Nothing To Do

I'm a somewhat heavy gamer, (I'm not fat, I just play games a lot! :P) and this is one of the most boring times in my life;
I'm stuck in that phase where I've managed to complete/overplay every last one of my new/good games at the same time, going onto one after I complete another, and have had nothing fun to do for a few weeks now...
Minecraft's multiplayer is still somewhat unplayable, every part of L4D2 is too predictable, the website for Happy Wheels is down, none of my friends play Alien Swarm any more, my dad took the PS3 back home with him, and to top it all off I have to wait until at least September 30th before HAWX2 is released on steam...('Pre-purchase' my ASS! Even if Ubisoft is to blame...)
I'm going on holiday to Turkey on the 25th, but I'll probably die of boredom before then...
I'm so BORED! :(

Friday, 10 September 2010

Blind Police

Starting college Wednesday, had to go there today to see what it was like. We got let out an hour before my mom said she'd pick me up, so I had to walk for 30 minutes or so 'til I got to my dad's house. Was stuck there for 5 hours or so waiting for him to get back from the pub, which ended up in me having to break a promise I made to a friend since I was so late (I feel bad for that now :c). For obvious reasons, i'm not going to say whether my dad was legally allowed to be driving at the time, but I will say he ended up wheel-spinning away at the traffic lights, passing a police car in-front of us at well over 50-mph, who thankfully didn't seem to care... O_O
Fun day I guess...Still, I'm here blogging at 2:28am and have no intention of sleeping tonight either...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

"Special" Bond?

Realised me and my dad have a rather special bond today; he ripped parts of my wallpaper down, and to cover for it he offered to stick some posters and things over the missing parts, and showed me what it would look like if he used one of his porn mags...